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  • TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE - NMSD in the path of Totality 

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    On Monday, August 21st the United States will see the sun disappear behind the moon causing a total Solar Eclipse in our area.  North Marion School District is in the path of totality.  Beginning at about 9:05 AM the partial phase begins with a total plunge into darkness at approximately 10:17 am, lasting about 1 minute or so.

    The roads are expected to be filled with cars from cities and states to our north, and visitors from around the world so traveling to and from the North Marion campus may be extremely challenging.

    County services for Health and Safety are also concerned about the impact of traffic on their ability to provide medical emergency assistance in a timely manner if needed, therefore we are closing campus the morning of the eclipse from 12:00am (midnight) until 12:00pm (noon).  

    Security personnel are scheduled to be on campus during that time to protect and secure the property.  

    School District Employees are encouraged to NOT come to campus at all that day and work from home, or reschedule work hours to after 1:00 pm to reduce the number of cars on the road as there is a possibility of being stuck in a car for hours just to go a few miles.

    The anticipated high volume of traffic also impacts our summer meal program.  Our staff will not be able to safely prepare and deliver meals to our regular feeding sites and will not be  in operation this day.  However, this meal program is critical to many of our families, so instead on the Friday before (August 18th), summer staff will distribute a nutritional take-home meal for children to consume on Monday. 

    We have worked with staff and coaches to reschedule work hours and delay team practices until after 12:00pm.  

    Please take the time to enjoy the total solar eclipse with your family.  It doesn’t last long and it will make a lasting impression!  

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 503-678-7100 or 503-678-7110.   In the case we are unable to have support staff on campus after   1:00 pm, and there is an urgent matter, please call David, Maintenance Tech at 503-951-1843.

    Click here for Local Viewing Sites , Local Wineries/Packages and Cities in the Path showing duration of total eclipse in those areas.  

    NEVER look at the partial eclipse without proper eyewear.  Be prepared.  Click link here to view detailed flyer. How to view solar eclipse safely flyer.pdf

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    FREE Summer Meals Are Back!!!  Beginning June 19th through August 31st.  New this summer we will serve Breakfast at one (1) of the locations in Hubbard; and have added a couple more sites for Lunch.  Click on headline to the right for times and locations. 


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