Emergency Closure Information
Hazardous weather or unexpected emergencies such as power outages may require changes in school and bus schedules to ensure the safety of our staff and students.  This decision is made by the Superintendent based on local outage and or media reports; recommendations from Transportation Officials who monitor road conditions within school district boundaries.  If conditions are severe enough to threaten the safety of our staff, students, buses traveling to and from school, the School Closure or Delayed Opening information will be posted on the Internet and will broadcast on the following Radio and TV Stations, as soon as the decision has been made, as early as 5:30 a.m. Please do not call the schools directly as it could overload the phone system and prevent office staff from making the necessary emergency phone calls regarding closures, power outages, leakages, etc. ALL Schools will be listed as North Marion School District.
PARENTS & STUDENTS:   PARENTS Click Here 2016  Includes school closure and 1 & 2 hour delay information.
STAFF ONLY: STAFF Click Here 2016  Note: If you are unsure whether there is a 2-hour delay or school closure, call your building principal before leaving home.

North Marion news via flash Alert  This will give you the most up to date information for your school
FM Radio
AM Radio
Channel 2 -  KATU
91.5 KOPB
750 AM - KXL
Channel 6 - KOIN
97.1 KYCH
Channel 8 - KGW
98.7 KUPL
880 AM KWIP (español)
Channel 12 - KPTV
99.5 KWJJ
100.3 KKRZ
940 AM KWBY (español)
101.9 KINK
1080 AM KFXX
103.3 KKCW
1190 AM KEX
105.1 KRSK
1520 AM KGDD
106.7 KLTH
1550 AM KKAD
107.5 KVMX
1640 AM KDZR
One of the following School Emergency Messages will be announced:
School Closed: All schools will be closed for the day. There will be no before and after school child care services.  All activities, practices or events are cancelled or postponed unless otherwise notified.  Staff is not to report to work.  Emergency personnel may be requested if needed.
Early Closure: All schools will dismiss early if afternoon conditions are determined to be dangerous.  Media notification and auto-dialer will be activated.
1-Hour Delay Opening: All schools and bus schedules will run one hour later than regular starting time.  Schools will end at the normal times.  Child care services may be delayed.  Do Not drop off children until school officials have arrived safely.
2-Hour Delay Opening: All schools and bus schedules will run two hours later than regular starting time.  NO Morning Preschool or Kindergarten classes.  Child care services may be delayed.  PM Preschool and Kindergarten classes will be on regular schedule.  Schools will end at the normal times.
Last Modified on December 2, 2016