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" Be the change you wish to see in the world"

                                                              Mahatma Gandhi


Retirement lurks around the Corner 

It has been an honor to serve as Superintendent for the North Marion School District for the past six years.  During that time I have come to appreciate the close knit supportive atmosphere that makes our District feel more like family than an institution. Our staff, students and families genuinely care for each other and feel pride in being a part of “Husky Nation”.   As I move into retirement at the end of this school year, I will take with me many warm memories of Back-to School nights, May Day celebrations, music concerts, plays, ballgames, exciting classrooms, graduations, staff get togethers and much more.

I will also leave with great pride in the work we have accomplished together during my time here.  A mission and vision statement that drives our work; a late-start Wednesday that allows our staff to become learners with time to perfect their craft; safety preparation that is second to none; District Leadership Academy allowing teachers to shape our district in so many ways; infusion of technology for both teachers and learners; improvements in student behavior and academic performance; a proud as a peacock graduation rate; a closing of the achievement gap that saw Hispanic and white students graduate at the same rate last year; technology driven updates to all sectors of our operation- finance, human resources, maintenance, library services, food services, student records and communications; expansion of our Career and Technical Education programs; acquisition of new property to expand our campus; a long-range facilities plan to guide our growth for the next twenty years and so much more.

The last five and a half years have gone by in a flash and I am sure the last few months will go just as swiftly.  I want to thank all of you for your efforts to help make North Marion a great place to live and learn.  I wish you well and Go Huskies!


2015-16 should be a Banner Year for NMSD

The grass is mowed, hallways painted, floors waxed and new hires made. Everything is set for another year at North Marion School District and all indications are it will be a good one.

This year brings our first ever all-day kindergarten.  Our kinder team has been busy planning for the big switch from half-day to full-day and we are expecting some big gains as a result of the change.  While we all appreciate and support the idea that five year olds still need plenty of playtime and hometime, the evidence is clear that kids who enter the first grade with basic language and numeric literacy have a far better chance of finding academic and social success than those who enter with deficiencies.  We believe our all day program will find just the right balance and ensure our students get a great start to their educational career.

Our new English Language Arts materials provide us another point for optimism.  Because of budget restrictions, a K-12 adoption of new instructional materials has not happened for some time so the presence of new textbooks, readers and digital support material is cause for great excitement.  Teachers have been engaged in professional development on the new texts and are anxious to implement the new common-core aligned materials. Access through our grades 3-8 one-to-one digital devices means our students and parents have the ability to interact with the lessons anytime and nearly any place. The ability to view the materials in multiple languages is also a great benefit to our increasingly diverse student population.

North Marion has become a leader in the state in technology assisted teaching and learning and this year offers an expansion of our TEC (Technology Enhanced Classroom) project.  All language arts classrooms in the high school will have laptops for their students.  The new Chromebooks will allow students greater research capabilities, increased opportunities for collaboration and expanded options for writing and presentation projects.   Next year a similar expansion is planned for our math classrooms with science and social studies to follow closely behind.

Of course, the most important resource in our District is not our textbooks, or our technology, it is our people and this year brings a whole new crop of professional educators who bring a wide range of skills and experiences to our team.   Below is a list of our new teachers for the 2015-16 School Year. 

We believe 2015-16 will be a year to remember as we bring together the right people , the right tools and the right programs to serve our kids and our parents.


Brooke Allard

PS 1st

Page Gianella

PS 2nd

Rachel Camp

PS Music

Amy Scott

IS 3rd

Darci Hansford

IS 3rd

Julianna Palumbo

IS 4th

Maria Cisco

IS 4th

Colleen Adams

IS 4th

Breanne Knudson

IS 4th

Mollee Gemar

IS 5th

Anna White

IS Library

Jan Jones

MS Humanities

Chelsea Landry

MS Math/Sci

David Thaggard

MS Math

Amanda Asher

MS Basic Skills

Adriana Bauer

MS Resource

Dana Shores

HS Math

J.R. Rogers


Sherie Moran

HS Opp Ctr

Lori Holmes

HS Counselor

Joanne Mace


Toni Walter


Older Articles of Interest: 

Bullying - Addressing an Age Old Problem:  Bullying and Harassment are as old as the human race.  The use of power to inflict pain, suffering or humiliation on another person, or group of people, has always plagued our existence.  In its extreme social form it manifests as ... click here to read full article and more links to helpful resources for parents.  


Will an Armed Security Officer help Create Safer Schools?

On Monday October 27th at 6:00 pm in the Middle School Commons, the North Marion School Board will have a work session open to the public to discuss the arming of its security staff.  The question has come before the Board several times and administrative staff has been working on developing a plan that would facilitate the move to arm our security staff should the Board wish to take this step.  With the shooting at Reynolds High School this past June, a sense of urgency has developed around answering this question.

We know the most important piece of the safety puzzle for schools is the establishment of positive relationships between students and adults in the school.  Creating an environment where kids feel cared for and respected and where they feel comfortable sharing important information with adults is paramount to keeping everyone safe. 

Currently, our Director of Security is unarmed and has, along with the other adults on our campus, done a fantastic job building relationships with kids.   This has helped establish the kind of trust that makes it very easy for students to share information about potential problem areas at school like bullying and threats to school safety.  As a result, we have continued to experience a very safe and secure campus without the fights, vandalism, gang issues and threats that plague many other schools. 

But we are concerned about one area that we have little control over – an armed intruder intent on doing harm to our students.  Being a rural school, we don’t have police available on a moment’s notice to respond to an emergency.  This lag in response time puts us at risk and we have no way to “defeat” an armed intruder.  The School Board is currently looking to rectify that situation by arming our security staff.  After a year of intensive training and certification for our security officer, the Board is prepared to vote on this issue, but before they do they want the public’s input.

We encourage you to attend the meeting and share your opinions on this subject, or just to come and hear what others have to say.  If you can’t make the meeting please feel free to email your thoughts to School Board Chair Julie Miller at

New Year brings many Changes

The opening of the 2014-15 school year brings with it many changes to the North Marion School District.  A redesigned organizational model, new staff, a rollout of one-to-one technology devices in our middle grades and a new student information system are just a few of the items that look different for this year.  All of these changes are designed to improve how we operate and provide greater service to our students and parents.


The re-organization of our management team, while adding no additional staffing, changed several people’s titles and responsibilities.  Desiree Kiesel is the new Director of Teaching and Learning for Secondary Schools in charge of implementation of the new Common Core State Standards, Smarter Balanced Assessments, proficiency-based grading, student-led conferences, design of instructional units using our new SchoolNet software and many other associated tasks.  Julie Jackson, as Director of Teaching and Learning for Elementary Schools is her counterpart at the elementary level with similar duties.

Barb Keeton moves from MS Principal to Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning with a focus on major projects like the technology rollout at the Middle School, our transition to the new student information system called PowerSchool and the design and implementation of a new teacher and administrator evaluation system.  DeAnn Jenness remains as HS Principal but shifts her focus to operations including student activities and services, safety, communications, facilities, supervision and discipline.

New to the team is David Sheldon, MS Principal of Operations whose role is parallel to the one Ms. Jenness serves at the high school.  Also new to the Team is Brandon Fricke, serving as the Athletic Director and Assistant Principal at the high school.  Assistant Principals Andy Kronser at the Primary School and Cory Gaub at the Intermediate School fill new positions focusing on operations as the principal roles were eliminated in these buildings.

New Teaching Staff

In addition to the new staff at the admin level, there are seventeen new teachers occupying positions across the District this year. 

NMHS New Staff for 2014-15

Nicole Livesay               Language Arts
Mark Valentine              Math
Alexa Powell                 Physical Education
Tricia Stoddard             Agricultural Science
Julaine Furduy              Counselor 

NMMS New Staff for 2014-15

Heather Feinberg          Science
Trevor Bailey                Math 
Scott McGuyer              Math /Science
Sue Romas                   Special Education 

New Staff for NMIS 2014-15

Brenna Smith                3rd Grade
Jessica Bee                   5th Grade
Karli Gingerich               5th Grade
M. Elizabeth McKee        Special Education
Adiar Rowinski               Special Education 
Cheryl Hauser (.2)         5th Grade
DeAnna McCarthy          3rd Grade 

New Staff for NMPS 2014-15

Sadie Johnston              Physical Education
Tami Esmay                  Kindergarten 

New Technology

This fall all students, grades 3-8 in the North Marion School District, will be issued individual computing devices.  At the Intermediate School, the 3rd through 5th graders will have iPads; while at the Middle School, 6th through 8th graders will sport hybrid tablet laptops.  Parents and students have been attending training sessions on proper use and care of the computers and by the end of September we should see devices starting to be used both at school and at home.

This investment in our student’s education pushes the North Marion School District to the front of the pack among Oregon schools.  When added to our expanded college credit opportunities at the high school and our on-line courses available through the Opportunity Center, we feel North Marion offers one of the most advanced and progressive learning opportunities around.

 New Student Information System

Moving to a new information database for all of our school records is a daunting task.  This past spring we made the decision to go to the new system for several reasons:

·        Provide parents better access to student information and progress.

·        Give teachers better tools for planning and preparing for the new Common Core Standards.

·        Provide a better tool for grading using a proficiency-based system.

·        Provide greater access to data and report creations so we can more effectively monitor student and school performance.

 Over the next few weeks students and parents will be issued log-in information and passwords that will provide them access to their student’s progress and put them in direct communication with the teacher. The ability for parents to constantly monitor attendance and academic performance  will be a major tool in assisting parents in their role as academic counselor.  The District has created a tutorial for parents on the distric’s main page for using the new “Parent Portal”  any concerns or questions should be sent to to project director Barb Keeton .  

School Board Asks Voters to Decide on Local Option - The four-year Levy would generate an estimated $583,336 in the first year beginning 2014-15 school year,  $595,000 in 15-16, and ...... click here to read full article from Superintendent  Boyd Keyser. 
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Tragedy at HomeThe North Marion School District Family suffered a tragic loss this week when four year old pre-school student Cody Hall-Erickson died of a gunshot wound while at his home on Saturday night April 20
th. At this time of heartbreak and sorrow, the North Marion Family extends its deepest sympathies to the Erickson family and to their many friends and supporters. 
Cody Hall Erickson Memorial Fund:  Cody's family has passed on information to us to share with our North Marion families.  If you would like to donate to the family, they have created a Fundraising page through You Caring – Cody Hall Erickson Memorial Fund or you may go to any US BANK branch in the name of Cody Hall Erickson. 

Safety Survey Results Finalized: After numerous meetings with the School Board, school administration, security consultants and a community forum with local patrons, the District has come up with a list of security measures they will consider to make our campus a safer place. A part of their considerations will be a close look at the responses to our safety survey that was put in the field in March. To see the results of the survey click safety survey results. To see the recommendations list click recommendations here.
The Board will review the survey results at their April 8th business meeting and will consider the budgetary implications at their April 18nd work session on school finance.

District Adopts 2013-14 School Calendar:
At their business meeting on March 11, 2013, the North Marion School Board adopted the 2013-14 school calendar.“This is one of the cleanest calendars I have ever seen; it has very few disruptions to teaching and learning and it really minimizes interruptions to the home schedule of our families.” Superintendent Boyd Keyser said at the Board meeting. “Parents will have far fewer days to juggle day care and transportation schedules.” Click here to read more.

t's Time to Talk School Safety:
On February 20, 2013 local parents and patrons gathered in the NMHS commons to discuss issues around school safety. Superintendent Boyd Keyser, Director of Security Caleb Barnes, School Nurse Erin Beyer, MS Student Advocate Caan Zarosinski and Marion County Sheriff Officer Pete Marcellais all presented to the group. The presentations were followed by a lively discussion on issues around school safety including what steps the District should take in the future to protect the campus.

The list of potential steps that could be taken ranged from simply improving hall monitoring to adding more security cameras and creating double entries into each building that require people to get “clearance” before they can enter the main part of the building. By the time the list was complete, it was clear that many of the suggested items went well beyond the current financial capacity of the District to enact. The administration felt it would be a good idea to do a quick survey of people who were not able to attend to get their opinions on the items discussed at the community forum.

Message to Families Regarding Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary:

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Change in Late Start Wednesdays:
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Holidays Bring Important Decisions:
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