• Kaylie Buchanan


    Kaylie Buchanan
    School Counselor
    North Marion Primary


    Hello! I am Kaylie Buchanan, the school counselor at North Marion Primary School! Prior to becoming a the school counselor at North Marion Primary, I worked as a school counselor at Dayton Grade school for two years. Before counseling at Dayton Grade school, I interned as a school counselor at Chehalem Valley Middle School and North Marion Intermediate School.  I also worked with families as a Family Advocate and a Health Coordinator with nonprofit organizations.  I have greatly enjoyed my experience working with families and I am excited to be the school counselor at North Marion Primary! When I am not counseling students, I enjoy spending time with my four children and my husband, walking with my dog, Spirit, reading, and taking Zumba classes!
       My goal as your child’s school counselor is to work with teachers to educate your child while providing a safe and nurturing environment that promotes a passion for lifelong learning, respect for self and others, and an appreciation for individual differences.  I will work together with you and your child to assist him or her to develop skills to become a happy, healthy, and successful student.
       Some of the ways in which we ensure successful and happy life long learners are through the curriculum and activities offered in our school. We use Kelso’s choices, a conflict management program and Second Steps. Also social skills, friendship, and self-esteem groups are offered.
       All students have access to counseling, and may seek services on their own, or may be referred by their classroom teacher, parent or guardian.  In all families, changes and difficulties happen and can impact our children.  I hope that I can be a resource to you and your child if the need arises.  I look forward to working with you and your child and I believe that together we can ensure success and provide a rewarding educational experience.