Board asks Voters to Consider
Local Option Levy

Giving voters another chance to financially support their local schools, the North Marion School District Board of Directors voted to go out for a Local Option Levy on the May 20th Ballot.  The Board ran an identical levy in November only to see it defeated by a small 64 vote margin.  Believing that uncertainty about the levy led some voters to vote no, or abstain from voting at all, the Board hopes to give local voters more information on the levy this time around.

Sometimes people get bonds and levies confused.  Levies are different from bonds, they are for short periods of time and are used for operating expenses as opposed to the big capital projects bonds finance.   The slogan “Levies are for Learning and Bonds are for Building” is an easy way to remember the difference.

This Levy is for four years and asks local voters to pay an additional 74 cents per one thousand dollars of assessed value on their property during that four year period.  For the average homeowner in the district, that is around $11 a month.  North Marion’s current comparative school district tax rates is the lowest in the four County area of Marion, Polk, Yamhill and Clackamas Counties.  Even with the addition of the Local Option rate, the North Marion’s tax rate remains in the bottom 15% in the region.  

A huge bonus for the District is currently the State is offering matching grant funds if the levy passes.  Because we are a relatively property poor district the state will match a percent of the total levy proceeds.  For us the levy proceeds are estimated to be $583,336 in the first year.  The match is expected to be around $309,184.  The Board felt it would be wise to grab this opportunity to leverage a greater return on the voter’s investment.            

The Local Option Levy Local Option Priority Funding List if passed will be used to help (more links at bottom of page)     
  • buy instructional materials for the classroom (K-12),
  • install safety equipment across the district,  
  • bring back staff cut through years of state budget cuts,
  • purchase technology for students and staff,
  • restore supply budgets to areas that were reduced or eliminated during the budget crisis,
  • buy equipment for the career and technical education department,
  • support the 6th grade Outdoor School,  
  • repair, replace and add band instruments,
  • repair and replace outdated electrical controllers for the heating and cooling systems,  
  • repair flooring, lights and ceiling tiles,
  • support facilities repair and acquisition, and more.   

The list of needs extends beyond what the levy can support, but the funds will provide a boost in getting the district back on its feet after years of dramatic budget cuts. Click here Local Option Priority List to see detailed list of items to be supported by the Levy.   Click on Comparative Tax Rates to see other districts tax rates much higher compared to ours.   Click on links to view Flyer and Frequently Asked Questions - Flyer - FAQ's.  

Posted: March 11, 2014
 Vision Mission Pic
is a welcoming, respectful and safe community,
where we hold ourselves accountable to global standards,    
where teaching and learning are challenging, dynamic and engaging,   
where students are empowered to lead productive lives as stewards of their world.
North Marion School District offers a unique lush rural setting that surrounds our Pre-K through 12th grade campus. Four schools house the total district population of nearly 2,000 students. This creates a unique single-campus setting that allows for meaningful collaboration and unification of curriculum. We are known for our strong technology programs/devices for our students and staff, strong services to special needs students, a first-rate music program and outstanding athletic and extra-curricular programs. Each school's building, athletic and activity fields are in close proximity to one another. 

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