High School sophomore Justin Hanson's Eagle Scout project included re-landscaping the area around the District Office.  Hanson and family did a great job and should be congratulated for their awesome stewardship of the District. 
School District Meets State Division 22 Standards:  Each year school districts across the state are asked to provide assurance that they are meeting all of the applicable state standards governing schools.  These standards, known as division 22 standards, cover all of the essential requirements from hiring practices to safety procedures to curriculum issues and everything in between.  Division 22 includes over 50 different standards that schools must meet each year.  This notice is to provide assurance that the North Marion School District has met the standards for the 2014-15 school year.  For more information you may go to the Oregon Dept. of Education webpage regarding the standards. Click link to view standards and assurances form.  2014-15 Division 22 Assurances Form.

Bullying - Addressing an Age Old Problem:  Bullying and Harassment are as old as the human race.  The use of power to inflict pain, suffering or humiliation on another person, or group of people, has always plagued our existence.  In its extreme social form it manifests as ... click here to read full article and more links to helpful resources for parents.  

Will an Armed Security Officer Help Create Safer Schools?   We know the most important piece of the safety puzzle for schools is the establishment of positive relationships between students and adults in the school.  Creating an environment where kids feel cared for and respected and where they feel comfortable sharing important information with adults is paramount to keeping everyone safe.  Click here to read full article.  

College Savings Plan at NMHS makes College Affordable:  It almost sounds too good to be true – you save one dollar and the “Matched College Savings Plan” will match it with five dollars! But for North Marion students who qualify, that is exactly what happens.  Click here to find out how to start saving.  

ACT Results Show NMHS Students Better Prepared than Peers:  The ACT is one of America’s most important college entrance exams and measures student readiness to succeed at college level work.   In 2014, North Marion had more students taking the ACT than ever before and their performance was eye-catching. Click here for full story.  

vision mission        Click Here for our Vision/Mission Statement printable poster- posted September 24, 2012   -   Click Here for Spanish version  

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