State Champions

North Marion Boys Soccer captured the Oregon 4A State Championship on Saturday with a 2-0 victory over Stayton.
Conference Record - 9-1 
2014 Accomplishments:
State Champions
Moda Player of the Game - Aaron Caballero
Co-Oregon West Conference (OWC) Champions
OWC Coach of the Year - Coach Pelaez
OWC Player of the Year - Dennis Zapata
9 OWC All-Conference Players
Overall Record - 17-1

Photos Courtesy of Jo Wheat

Homecoming Sparks Spirited Week Across the Campus 

In buildings across the campus, the air was buzzing with school spirit.  Homecoming had come to NMHS and all the buildings decided to join the fun with their own spirit week.  The High School's traditional Friday-before kick-off assembly was followed by weekend hall decorations, Brute Volleyball, Powder Puff Football, The Royal Court Assembly, the Homecoming Game and the Friday night Homecoming Dance, to make for a full week of fun activities.  See the individual school pages for more pictures and comments on this great tradition.

Will an Armed Security Officer Help Create Safer Schools?

On Monday October 27th at 6:00 pm in the Middle School Commons, the North Marion School Board will have a worksession open to the public to discuss the arming of its security staff.  The question has come before the Board several times and administrative staff has been working on developing a plan that would facilitate the move to arm our security staff should the Board wish to take this step.  With the shooting at Reynolds High School this past June, a sense of urgency has developed around answering this question.

We know the most important piece of the safety puzzle for schools is the establishment of positive relationships between students and adults in the school.  Creating an environment where kids feel cared for and respected and where they feel comfortable sharing important information with adults is paramount to keeping everyone safe. 

Currently, our Director of Security is unarmed and has, along with the other adults on our campus, done a fantastic job building relationships with kids.   This has helped establish the kind of trust that makes it very easy for students to share information about potential problem areas at school like bullying and threats to school safety.  As a result, we have continued to experience a very safe and secure campus without the fights, vandalism, gang issues and threats that plague many other schools. 

But we are concerned about one area that we have little control over – an armed intruder intent on doing harm to our students.  Being a rural school, we don’t have police available on a moment’s notice to respond to an emergency.  This lag in response time puts us at risk and we have no way to “defeat” an armed intruder.  The School Board is currently looking to rectify that situation by arming our security staff.  After a year of intensive training and certification for our security officer, the Board is prepared to vote on this issue, but before they do they want the public’s input.

We encourage you to attend the meeting and share your opinions on this subject, or just to come and hear what others have to say.  If you can’t make the meeting please feel free to email your thoughts to School Board Chair Julie Miller at  

College Savings Plan at NMHS makes College Affordable

It almost sounds too good to be true – you save one dollar and the “Matched College Savings Plan” will match it with five dollars! But for North Marion students who qualify, that is exactly what happens.

The Matched College Savings Plan (MCSP) allows participants to save for college now and have their savings matched at $5 to every $1 they save.  The maximum amount of savings MCSP will match is $1600.  At a 5 to 1 rate, that makes the total match amount they contribute $8000.  This means your initial $1,600 of investment turns into a grand total of $9,600 for college tuition – Wow! 

To qualify, participants must meet income eligibility.  Please refer to the High School Counseling web page for more detailed information or call Colleen Young, IDA Specialist, at 503-678-7125.  If you qualify there will be an informational meeting in mid-October (date announced soon) and we would love to see you there!

North Marion High School is fortunate to have a partnership with CASA of Oregon and the Matched College Savings Plan.  This partnership has existed since 2013 and currently there are 27 participants in the program.  North Marion can take pride in the level of participation and the desire of our students and their families to take advantage of a cost savings program that can make college more affordable. 

Senior Awards Night

 ACT Results Show NMHS Students Better Prepared than Peers

Annual ACT scores have just arrived and North Marion High School students have far exceeded the State average in every subject area!  The ACT is one of America’s most important college entrance exams and measures student readiness to succeed at college level work.   In 2014, North Marion had more students taking the ACT than ever before and their performance was eye-catching. 

NMHS average for the ACT was 19 percentage points higher than the state average in College English Composition, 17 points higher in in College Algebra, 22 points higher in College Social Studies and 3 percent higher in College Biology.

Combine these scores with our superlative graduation rate that stands 19 percentage points above the State average and with NMHS’s level 4 State Report Card ranking and you have a convincing argument that few schools prepare students for college and careers better than North Marion. 

We are proud of our record of achievement and the opportunities we afford our students.  Our students know, and we believe it to be so true, that you can get to anywhere from here.  Congratulations to our students and staff on their fine accomplishments. 

VISION/MISSION STATEMENT: North Marion School District
is a welcoming, respectful and safe community,
where we hold ourselves accountable to global standards,    
where teaching and learning are challenging, dynamic and engaging, and  
where students are empowered to lead productive lives as stewards of
their world.

North Marion School District offers a unique lush rural setting that surrounds our Pre-K through 12th grade campus. Four schools house the total district population of nearly 2,000 students. This creates a unique single-campus setting that allows for meaningful collaboration and unification of curriculum. We are known for our strong technology programs/devices for our students and staff, strong services to special needs students, a first-rate music program and outstanding athletic and extra-curricular programs. Each school's building, athletic and activity fields are in close proximity to one another. 

Click Here for Vision/Mission Statement printable poster- posted September 24, 2012
Click Here for School District Board of Director's Goals - adopted December 9, 2013
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