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Testing Our Water for Lead

- UPDATE October 17, 2016 -
Parents, Families, Staff and Community, 
We wanted to give you a quick update on the status of our water testing.  
As you know, in June and July water samples we tested all showed lead at very low levels. In fact, the results were well below the 20 parts per billion (ppb) that the state has established as an acceptable level.  August samples of all drinking fountains in the Primary Schools and Intermediate School also found no levels above 20 ppb, however, there were several sinks in those buildings that showed levels above the acceptable level. As a result, we took the precaution to provide bottled drinking water dispensers at every school until we were able to insure the quality of our water supply. We suspect the elevated levels were from 6 weeks of inactivity in the water supply system in those buildings between the July and August testing dates.
Subsequent tests have shown that all hallway drinking fountains in all four buildings remain below the state level. These results allow us to remove the Water Dispensers and be able to safely drink from our regular hallway drinking fountains.
While we have yet to have a drinking fountain at any building register above the 20 ppb, the Middle School does have some classroom drinking fountains that have not yet been tested, or whose test is not back yet.  These classroom fountains are not to be used for drinking purposes until we have clean results back from our tests.  Any sinks that tested above the level have been shut down pending remediation and/or retesting.  We will continue to test our water outlets and if any outlet registers above the acceptable level it will be decommissioned, modified and retested.
We continue to be committed to the safety of our students, staff and families. We will keep you posted as results come in, or if there are any changes to our status. CLICK HERE - TEST RESULTS 10.12.16

If you have questions please feel free to contact me at boyd.keyser@nmarion.k12.or.us.

Boyd Keyser, Superintendent

Back to School Night was a huge success with hundreds of students and parents filling the campus.  Community Partners and delicious hot dogs awaited attendees as they walked the halls. New classrooms were discovered, locker combinations were practiced and friends were reunited at the two hour event. Teachers greeted their new students, met parents and gave tours of their classrooms, while school board members were stationed at kiosks in each building with information on the new Facilities Plan that will soon be transformed into a building bond proposal. (Photos courtesy of Jo Wheat)

Welcome Back!  It’s that time of year where we are all gearing up for the new school year.  Staff have been busy with training sessions, classroom preparation and have a busy In Service Week beginning August 30th.  Parents and students have been “Back-to-School” shopping and can find information on school supplies at their school’s web page. Click link here North Marion District Homepage to navigate to your child’s school using the top bar menu.

Families are invited to a Back to School Night scheduled for August 31 starting at 5:00 and running until 6:30 pm.  The 2016-2017 School Calendar has classes starting on Wednesday, September 7th with a late start time. 

The year promises to be an exciting one with new math curriculum being implemented K-12 and new tech devices at the middle school and high school for students and staff.   Of course, the biggest activity for the year will be around a school bond.  The Board is currently reviewing the Long-Range Facility Plan that the Facilities Committee worked very hard on last year.  The Board will use the plan, along with parent and community feedback, to create a building bond proposal that will go in front of the voters in May 2017.

Over the summer, the District has been Testing our water supply  in all buildings for lead and other contaminants. Thus far all samples have been clean and far below Federal and State guidelines.  We will continue our testing throughout the summer and school year to make sure all fountains and faucets are tested.

Fall Sports have begun at the High School and Middle School Sports are just around the corner.  North Marion Youth Athletics (formerly known as PRYDE) will begin its registration and practices soon as well.  

For all of us in the Husky Nation, we believe the 2016-17 school year is going to be a great one and we look forward to hearing our buildings echo with laughter and our fields filled with the exuberance of youth.  

Boyd Keyser, Superintendent


a.   Division 22 Standards Assurances:  Superintendent Keyser said by January 15 of each year, school district superintendents are required to report to their communities the district’s standing with respect to all Standards for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools as set forth in Oregon Administrative Rules.  ODE Guidance for Division 22 standards He reported that North Marion School District is meeting all the requirements by the state in the following standards:  1) District Improvement Plan, 2) Policies on Reporting Child Abuse, 3) Diploma Requirements, 4) District Curriculum, and 5) Required Instructional Time.  View report to community here.  Division 22 Standards for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools 2015-16 Assurances.   


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